Mel's Best Astro Images:


Best Picture Horsehead Nebula
2nd Best Picture Whirlpool Galaxy M51
My Favorite Image NGC 6045
Best Asteroid (141315) 2001 YZ124
Best Galaxy Mosaic Andromeda M31 (3x2 mosaic)
Best Nebula M42 Orion Nebula
Best Edge-on Galaxy M104
Best Spiral Galaxy +3D M81 [Picture of the Day]
Best Barred Spiral Galaxy M109
Best Irregular Galaxy C51
Best Galaxy Collision C60+C61
My only Active Galaxy Nucleus M87
Best Galaxy Cluster NGC 6045
Best Planet Saturn
Most Unusual C19 Cocoon in a Dark Nebula
Most Proud of: Finding Pluto
Deepest Sky Image Abell Galaxy Cluster 2218 Distance: 3 Billion LY
Best star cluster M13
Best open cluster M44 Beehive Cluster
Best Double Stars M40
Best Planetary Nebula C63 Helix [Eye of God]
Smallest Object (25143) Itokawa Asteroid at 530meters
Best Moon shot full moon
Best Comet 17P/Holmes
Best Mosaic C49 Rosette Nebula
Best Black&White M16 Eagle Nebula
Longest Exposure M33 @ 32 hours
Longest Exposure of a nebula M16 at 13.5 hours
M51 my 1st Galaxy Whirlpool Galaxy - 17MLY [LX200GPS M14"+ST2K]
M51's Best Image

2011 with: [ME+RCOS20"+FLI PL09000]

My 1st Ever Astro Image Star Cluster, M3
Same 1st Image taken in 2009 Star Cluster, M3